Johannesburg Pride Theme for 2016?


In the year that we had the Orlando Bloodbath and Dhaka Massacre and the 1.26 million Gautengers approval of Violence against the LGBTIAQ community. We the planning committee, selected the color Orange from the Rainbow Flag to be this year’s Johannesburg Pride focus colour. Orange symbolizes HEALING, considering global occurrences, the LGBT+ Community universally is going through a healing process post many Human rights atrocities. We coupled the healing symbol Orange with #NOFILTERS. 

We are encouraging the LGBT+ community to without curtailing oneself just be!

When is Johannesburg Pride 2016?


Johannesburg Pride starts at 14:00 on Saturday 29th October 2016 at Melrose Blvd, Melrose Arch.

The parade will start from the Gay Village on Melrose Blvd. Individual participants in the parade and spectators are anticipated to arrive at Melrose Arch from between 14:00 and 16:00.

Activities at Melrose Arch


To facilitate the smooth running of the activities at Melrose Arch, the organizers are contracting with companies to erect a stage with a Small run away for the Fashion Show, a public address sound system and marquees to be used as change room. The Parade will lead into the Johannesburg Pride after party. Commercial products, Food and Beverages will be sold to participants in the Gay Village. Beverages severed with food will take the form of soft drinks, smart drinks and light alcoholic drinks (malt and wine). Applications for the temporary transfer of the liquor license to the venue will be made. Community organizations and interest groups will set up tables and stalls to advertise their activities and sell items such as T-shirts, literature and memorabilia. The organizers will coordinator the allocations of tables and stalls to the interested parties.

Where can I catch the parade?


The Johannesburg Pride parade kicks off at 16:30. It runs along Melrose Boulevard into Corlett Drive, proceeding to Athol Oakland’s, down to the Melrose Blvd and back into the venue. Just make sure to keep these street closures in mind.

Who’s performing?


All your old Favorites, DJ Skye, SeanE, SollyP, Karma, Biskit, will have prime slots at this year’s festival, which has an increased focus on artists from within the community. Other Artist include Sally Werq, MegMafia, Sizwe Salt, Daniela and Voice of Steve Mr. Kevin Britz. Head lining Zai Maya from Yfm!

How much are festival passes?


General entrance is FREE!!!

VIP Lounge – tickets R350.00 per person. To book email us on tickets@johannesburgpride.co.za

  • Hosted by Sally Werq
  •  Welcome Drink
  • Private Lounge
  •  Private Bar
  • Own Toilets
  •  Free Sun Visor to first 150 tickets sold